Meteor Impact Sites on Google Maps

What with tonight's pass of Asteroid 2012 DA14 and a meteor crashing into the Chelyabinsk region of Russia early this morning I've been spending way too much time Googling celestial bodies today.
My searching on Google did turn up this informative post from the Google Earth Blog about meteor craters. The post includes a link to a KML file of 172 meteor impact sites, with a size indicator for the largest ones. You can use Google Maps or Google Earth to browse the KML file. Here's a link to view the list using the Google Earth browser plug-in inside Google Maps.

Also See
HeyWhatsThat: Close Asteroid Approach - a sky map of Asteroid 2012 DA14's pass of the Earth for later today. Impact Calculator. a Google Maps app that allows you to view the potential size of an impact crater, caused by different sized asteroids, at different locations around the world. 3d Asteroid Orbit Space Simulation - an amazing WebGL simulation that shows a view of our solar system, with over 580,000 asteroids mapped.